In view of the Covid-19, we believe that prevention is better than cure.
Hence, we are doing our best to prevent the continued spread of the virus by following the guidelines published by the Ministry of Health. If you have travelled to China, Korea, Japan and others affected country in the past one month, or are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, please note that you can only make appointment after more than one month. Thanks you for your understanding and your co-operation. Let’s work together in minimizing all possibilities and to protect the community including our loved ones.

因此,我们将按照卫生部发布的指南,尽最大努力防止病毒继续传播。 如果您过去一个月到访过中国,韩国,日本和其他受影响的国家,或出现流感症状,您必须超过一个月后方能预约服务。

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