To allow customers to check their package balance and member point quickly, efficiently and securely, we are encourages our existing customer to download Tunai Apps for viewing.
As our token of appreciation for you to download Tunai Apps and make our customer management system more efficiency, you may redeem 1 X oxyjet express treatment at any branch.
Redemption valid until 30 April 2020. Hurry up, download Tunai Apps before service redemption expiry.

为了让客户能够快速,高效地检查其配套次数和会员积分,我们鼓励现有客户下载Tunai 程进行查看。
为了感谢您下载Tunai Apps并提高我们的客户管理系统的效率,您可以在我们任何一间分行兑换1次的水氧嫩肤护理。